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6 Spring Break Ideas for Thrifty Travels

Are your spring break funds lacking? No worries! With a bit of moxie and planning, an affordable adventure could be just as fun as any exotic locale. Check out these inexpensive spring break options:
 1. Do your homework – This is the fun kind of homework! Research deals for activities before you leave. Look into Groupon, Living Social, or CityPass deals for whatever destination you plan on visiting. Your search could be as simple as looking up “free and cheap things to do” wherever you are going.
2. Road Trip – Find some friends willing to split the cost of gas (which has actually been low recently — YAY!) and roll out. It will be more cost effective than each person dropping $400+ on airfare. Airlines are notorious for gouging customers, knowing full well peak travel times like March and April for spring break.
3. Camping trip – This can be as local or as exotic a destination as your wallet allows. Missouri State Parks allows you to plan your adventure by searching the amenities you want included. Great option if you have to work during spring break. Just grab some friends, pack some food and head to the campgrounds for a couple days.
4. Staycation – The secret to a successful staycation is to really “treat yo self” like a tourist in your own town. This isn’t the time to clean your closet; this is the time to explore. Splurging on a little pampering will cost you far less than a night at a hotel and travel accommodations.
5. Avoid the popular destinations – Most people head down to Daytona Beach or Panama City, and boy do they know you’re coming as evidence by inflated prices around this time of year. Commit to the trip less traveled. Think of somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit and hit it up! Ex: Rent a cabin in the Smoky Mountains. Bring a crockpot and your own food. Start a roast in the morning and after a day of hiking, dinner will be ready.  If you plan it right, you could miss their summer peak times and bask in your savings.
6. Go for an alternative spring break – If you have wanderlust in your heart and take enjoyment in doing good for others, consider volunteering during your spring break! The United Way coordinates a National Alternative Spring Break every year. Participants are responsible for getting themselves to their destination, but once you’ve arrived, food, lodging and group transportation are covered in one fee. Not only will you be using your beach time to make a difference, but you’ll have some wonderful resume material!
PRO TIP: Remember that no matter where you end up going, you can avoid ATM fees by using one of over 30,000 free CO-OP ATMs nationwide. Download the ATM locator app so you always have access to your cash.
Don’t let a lack of cash dash all your spring break dreams. With some research and a great group of friends, your cheap spring break will turn into priceless memories.
How do you plan on saving money on spring break this year? Tell us in the comments.