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Digital Solutions for Your Financial Resolutions

Even the most well-thought-out New Year’s resolution may not be enough if you don’t have the support to help make it happen. Stay on track with these digital banking tips that will help make it easier to reach your goals:

Know so you Can Grow (Financially)

Build a habit of checking your accounts regularly. Simple things like knowing when your paycheck deposits, so you won’t be surprised when you make big purchases or you have a low balance can really make a difference. Set up alerts to help monitor your account. You can choose when you want to be notified of any changes to the account balances or personal information by text, email or push notifications. Become more aware of how your money comes and goes so you can make better decisions this year.

To begin using Alert Banking, login to your Online Banking account and select “Manage Alerts” from the top menu.

Access & Improve Your Credit Score

This is your year! The better your score, the more you save. That’s why we’ve made it easy to monitor your credit score by offering 24/7 access to it for FREE in Online & Mobile Banking.

  • Unlimited access to your credit score
  • Monthly credit reports
  • Daily credit alerts to help you monitor for fraud
  • Customized tips for improving your score
  • Opportunities to save!

Set Up Bill Reminders or Auto Pay

Bill Pay lets you pay unlimited bills electronically from your West Community accounts. It’s also safe, secure and easy to set up and use. Paying your bills on time make up a hefty portion of your credit score, so if your goal this year is to see that number rise, set up reminders or updates through email when you receive a bill, or when it’s due. OR set up Automatic Payments which are great for bills that stay the same each month, like your rent and your car loan.

Save Time with Remote Deposit (It’s Free!)

Deposit checks anytime, anywhere with Mobile Banking. It’s fast, secure and FREE! Just endorse the back, write “For Mobile Deposit”, snap a picture, and you’re set. Your funds are typically available within 2 business days. Download Mobile Banking in your App Store and start saving time today!

Automate Savings Goals with Plinqit

Setting up a Plinqit account is super easy, and you can really see big rewards over time. You set the goal amount and time frame, and watch your savings pile up. You can even earn more money by learning about various financial topics within the app with Build Skills. You can save for anything you want, but some of our favorites we’ve seen have been:

  • Summer vacation or travel expenses
  • Next year’s property taxes
  • Emergency Savings for a rainy day
  • Down payment for a car or house
  • Holiday expenses

The possibilities are endless. Saving a small amount every week or month over time really adds up. Set up a Plinqit account (or several) today and live without regret or worry in the new year!

Keep Track of Spending

Our digital banking platform’s “Spending Analysis” widget provides a complete picture of your finances by bringing the information from all your accounts together. Our powerful software allows you to collect your account data from other financial institutions, credit cards, investment accounts, mortgage and insurance accounts into one place. Then, with all your information at your fingertips, our tools help you analyze & track your spending, reach savings goals and take control of your finances.

Become a Home Owner

Find the perfect home? See it now with HomeTraq! This free service simplifies the house hunting process of scheduling tours on your time. Homes can sell fast so HomeTraq offers on-demand showings that work with your busy life with a simple click – so you don’t miss out!

Follow Us for Goal Crushing Financial Tips

A well-informed consumer is critical to a strong and stable economy. Unfortunately, the lack of financial knowledge presents serious barriers in home purchases, retirement planning, and other financial choices. Follow us on social media (FacebookTwitter, InstagramTikTok, youtube) and check our website often for trending money issues. We also offer free seminars throughout the year about different financial literacy topics. And if you have a question, just ask!

Just be intentional with your money, set up your digital helpers, and get ready to work on making your dreams come true. If you ever need help with your goals along the way, just reach out to the credit union for help. You’ve got this!