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Is your credit card expired or expiring soon? How to prepare for expected replacement delays

Producers of credit and debit cards all over the world have been hit by a shortage of EMV chips, the part of the card that helps ensure secure transactions.

Unfortunately, the shortage has caught up with many financial institutions, including West Community, and is creating delays in mailing credit cards to members. The delay impacts both brand new cards and replacement cards for those expiring.

Here are some additional ways you can still make purchases and payments as you await your new card:

  • Any time before your card’s expiry month, add it to your smartphone’s mobile wallet. This way, you can continue using it past the expiration date since the new card information will automatically update on your device. See instructions for Apple, Google, and Samsung Pay. For example, if your card expires in February you can still add it to mobile wallet during January and be able to use it past the expiration date. 
  • Update any automatic payments that are connected to your expiring card to ensure no payments are missed.
  • You can also utilize the credit union’s bill payment from mobile & online banking. See how to get enrolled here.
  • Use checks if you have them

When will new cards arrive?

Unfortunately, we don’t have an exact date on when this issue will be resolved. The cards are being mailed as soon as they are available, but at this point may not arrive before your current card expires. 

If you recently ordered a new debit or credit card, or have a card nearing its expiration date and you have not received your replacement yet, please know that our processor is working around the clock to get your new card in your hands as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued patience as we work through the backlog of orders. If you have an emergency, please reach out to our eBranch for assistance or call 636.720.2400.