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5 Ways To Have The Best Summer Ever (Frugally)

We spend all year looking forward to the longer days and warmer weather, but most times we just end up with an empty wallet. Not any more! Don’t miss out on the fun with these tips for frugal summer:
Find local treasures
There are always local community events going on, especially in the summer time. Take a look at your city’s website and search the calendar for concerts or festivals put on by the Parks and Rec department, or search for “Fun Things to Do in My City” to find the amazing places and events to check out. Some of the best events are free, like summer movie nights in various parks. Great options that can be found almost anywhere (and are also delicious!) are food trucks or farmer’s markets, perfect for something fun after work or on Sunday morning.
Make a list
Who doesn’t love a good list? They’re not just for work to-dos. They’re also for making sure you achieve your personal and fun goals, whether it’s to go somewhere new or do something adventurous like sky-diving. Your list could have simple things like ride bikes to a winery on the Katy Trail, find a new local donut shop and visit the Shakespeare Festival in Forest Park (FREE!). A great goal is to aim for one a week—that way every weekend has something fun you’re excited to try!

Pro Tip: Use post-its as a reminder of all the things you want to do this summer. As you complete items on your bucket list, add pictures of that event or check things off!

Look for deals
If there are events on the horizon that hook you in and are going to cost money (it’s going to happen!), check online for discounts. We’ve seen everything from concerts to hotel rooms offered for up to 70% off of the normal cost on sites like Groupon and Living Social. You can also find great restaurant deals in your area. Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have summer fun.
Venture into the great outdoors
The best part about outdoor activities is most of them are free. Missouri has over 200 miles of great trails and our State Parks are award winning! Find your nearest park or nature preserve and become one with nature. Head out to the lake for some sunbathing or swimming and other outside summer fun.  Many times activities become expensive when eating out is involved, so finding somewhere that you can cook your own food or bring a picnic lunch is a great way to keep the cost down.
Utilize the CO-OP
Traveling is difficult if you feel disconnected from your cash. With the Credit Union, you’re a part of a huge cooperative that allows you access to 5,000 Shared Branches and 30,000 ATMs for FREE! That means no ATM fees when you’re on the go. Download the locator apps from the CO-OP website so you can find one wherever you end up this summer.
What is your favorite frugal summer fun activity? How do you have fun on a budget? Share with us in the comments below!