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Meet the Moeckels – Members for 64 Years!

(Header image: Left – Myrtle and Bley Eichler. Right – Forrest and Peggy Moeckel)
This year marks the credit union’s 80th anniversary. From our humble formation in 1936 as Brentwood Mutual Credit Union, with $150 in capital, to our celebration of reaching $150,000,000 in 2012, we’ve been committed to the financial well-being, convenience and security of our members and communities.  But it’s because of our members that we’ve been able to continue this amazing ride. Members like the Moeckels.
We struck gold when we found Peggy and Forrest Moeckel. They have been members since 1952. Peggy grew up in Brentwood and Forrest didn’t have a chance to live anywhere else after marrying Peggy. Peggy said she would never leave. And they haven’t. “It’s a very stable community.” Peggy said. They’ve had a blessed life here raising three sons through the Brentwood School District. Peggy grew up Baptist and Forrest grew up Lutheran. Peggy’s mom was a strict Baptist, but told Peggy she would make a better Lutheran than Forrest would a Baptist so they attend Mount Calvary Lutheran Church in Brentwood.
Peggy’s mom, Myrtle Eichler was a real-estate agent who worked for Harold Jordon’s real estate agency. Harold was one of the 15 business leaders that founded Brentwood Mutual Credit Union. Myrtle served as the credit union’s Secretary and Harold served as the President for many years. Peggy said, “They were ahead of their time. No one knew what a credit union was. A member would ask Harold for $100 loan and Harold would give it to them on a handshake.” The credit union was located in Peggy’s step-father’s, Bley Eickler’s, barber shop until 1956. It moved into Harold Jordon’s Real Estate office and remained there until its permanent location at 2345 S. Brentwood.
We’ll continue to celebrate our 80 years throughout the summer. We hope you have as much fun learning about our history as we did researching it! Follow us on Facebook and twitter, and watch our website for news on events and giveaways.