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24 Thoughts You Have While House Hunting

If you’ve ever been house hunting, then you know the drill. You start out hopeful, expecting to find your dream home after just a few showings like it’s no big deal. But then, you’re a month deep and things start to feel bleak. Maybe you’re on a tight deadline, but you don’t want to rush into anything until you find your dream house.
Sound familiar? Then you’ll totally relate to these 24 thoughts we’ve all had while house hunting:

  1. Okay, Let’s do this!
  2. I’m so excited to find our future home. This is going to be amazing.
  3. This won’t take long at all. We’ll knock it out in one weekend.
  4. Oh wow, this house doesn’t look anything like it does online.
  5. This is kind of cute, maybe just change paint colors…
  6. Oh no, this kitchen will not do.
  7. Awww…we can totally host brunches here.
  8. Hmmm…high ceiling. Very nice.
  9. I’m hungry. Why didn’t I bring snacks?
  10. This basement would make an awesome man cave except for the smell.
  11. What school district is this in?
  12. Dude I could bike to work. Maybe that’s how I’ll get my exercise in…
  13. Ew, is that shag carpet?
  14. This is not a bedroom, it’s a closet!
  15. There’s no way I can fit all my makeup on this counter.
  16. I could live in this house.
  17. Seriously, are we going to get food soon, I’m starving.
  18. The house we want is already under contract?! Ugh.
  19. I wonder if anyone has died in this house.
  20. Was that a ghost?! Yep, it’s haunted.
  21. Maybe I should get one of those “tiny houses”
  22. I wonder if these people would notice if I ate some of their snacks…
  23. Good lord, how many houses have we looked at. We’ve been looking for weeks. We’re never going to find anything.

So remember: buying a house is a huge undertaking and one of the most expensive purchases you will probably make in your lifetime. Make a wishlist of items you want your house to have, and be patient until you find it. You may need to make a few compromises, but it will all be worth it in the end!
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