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10 Clever Valentine Gifts from Etsy for under $30

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. If you’re looking to get ahead this year so you don’t end up with last minute drugstore finds, we have the list for you. There is a treasure trove of unique and custom gifts on the artisan website, Etsy, that you just can’t get at a regular store. Check out our list of thoughtful and affordable gifts from Etsy all under $30:
1. Creative Greeting Cards (there are literally thousands of cute, funny and loving cards. Find the one unique to you.)
2. Custom Couple’s Portrait, $30 There are several artists that will illustrate you and your partner (even family and pets) in these whimsical portraits.
3. Personalized Wood Photo, $25 Send in your favorite pictures and have them forever displayed on slabs of wood.
4. Custom Morse Code Neckless, $25 Send the person you love a secret message.
5.  Personalized Cookie Cutter, $12 Whip up a batch of love cookies with custom 3d printed cookie cutters.
6. Love Coupons, $5 Let your partner enjoy your love with a discount from adorable coupon books.
7. Fancy Cookie Gift Set, $12 There are several adorable cookie designs. Find the one that speaks to your recipient.
8. Valentine’s Mug, $14.51
9. “Let’s Cuddle” Pillow, $20
10. Rustic Wood Valentine Sign, $17.99
There is so much great stuff on Etsy, but it’s definitely not good for last minute gifts. If you’re running out of time, definitely check out our Pinterest for fun do-it-yourself ideas and printables. Happy Shopping!