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5 Tips for Getting the Best Home Appraisal

by Shelly Temm
When it comes time to refinance or sell your home, getting a high house appraisal is crucial! According to REALESTATE.COM there are steps you can take to assure that you receive the most bang for your buck.
1. Improve Curb Appeal
Landscape maintenance chores, such as clearing away debris, trimming trees and shrubs, spreading fresh mulch in the beds and greening up the lawn will all help to bring your home close to market value.
2. Clear Away Clutter
Here are some quick de-cluttering tips:

  • Box up and store excess items in the home.
  • Pay close attention to the kitchen and bathroom. If what’s sitting on the counter is frequently used, hide it away in a cupboard so that your counters are free of anything that isn’t decorative.
  • If all else fails, shove your clutter into boxes and store it briefly in your car or storage unit.

3. Clean the House
Probably the most important step! Make your home sparkle from the floors to the windowsills. If you don’t have time, hiring a professional for a one-time cleaning is well worth the return.
4. Make an Investment
Putting money into updates can help have huge returns. Think about the following to get your top appraisal:

  • Apply new, neutral paint to walls
  • Update any outdated vinyl floors to ceramic tile, wood, or even laminate
  • Update countertops that are outdated to a ceramic tile neutral or granite

5.  Take Care of Basic Maintenance in your home and on your property that you’ve put money into.

  • New windows
  • New floors
  • New countertops
  • Finished basement
  • Replacement of the home’s major systems, such as heating and air-conditioning
  • Upgraded electric or plumbing
  • New roof
  • Room additions
  • Converted garage

What have you learned from your own appraisal experiences? Tell us in the comments.
shelly1Shelly Temm works for Lux Life Real Estate as their Marketing/Social Media Assistant.
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