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The Benefits of House Hunting in the Fall

Spring and summer may be hot times for many real estate markets, but that doesn’t mean things cool off entirely once fall rolls around. In fact, buying in the fall has its own advantages. So if you’re out there looking for a home this fall here are a few reasons why this could be a great time of year to make a move.

The Competition Isn’t As Stiff

In most areas, there just aren’t as many buyers in the fall as there are earlier in the year. That gives fall buyers a chance to do more negotiating with the sellers, who often want to be out of the house before winter sets in. Also, when there’s less competition, you can take a little more time to think and really consider whether a particular home is right for you.

Sellers Are Motivated

During those prime summer months, sellers might have put a bigger price tag on their home than people were willing to pay. When the house doesn’t sell at that price and the leaves are starting to turn, the sellers often become more willing to deal so they can move before the snow flies. Beyond the weather, sellers can be motivated for all kinds of reasons that have nothing to do with the time of year. Job offers, family events and other things can happen any time, including fall. 

There’s less commotion 

In the summer months, everyone involved in the real estate business is just trying to stay afloat. Realtors, title companies, movers, inspectors – they all have more work than they can handle, which can make it tough to get appointments. But in the fall, things slow down a bit, which means it’s easier to get responses and you can get more attention and advice than you might during height of buying season.

Great sales on home goods

Fall is when furniture, appliances, flooring and other major items often go on sale as manufacturers prepare for the holidays and the rollout of next year’s products. That means there’s no better time than the fall to outfit your new house with everything you need to make it your home.

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