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Mother's Day Giveaway!

We may not always listen, but mother’s give the best advice. So we want to know: What’s the best advice your mom ever gave you?
Share your story in the comments below—and we’ll send flowers to the mother of the best advice for Mother’s Day!
Contest running from May 1, 2014, through May 8, 2014. We will select the most compelling entry as the winner, and his or her story may be published on our sites. No purchase necessary. Employees of West Community and Tigers Credit Union are not eligible.

  1. The best advice my Mom gave me was if you had nothing good to say about a person, say nothing at all!

  2. Always strive to do your best and to respect others.

  3. Never marry a man with a lot of keys – he won’t have time for you. This advice came from my grandmother who had a brother never married – he was a landlord, and had a lot of keys.

  4. My mom would tell me to never burn any bridges. She would see that I was ready to give someone a piece of my mind after they were unfair to me. I’d get the same message…don’t burn that bridge. She said you never know who might come to your defense or who you might meet on the way down.

  5. mothers advice
    no matter what happens there is nothing so bad that you can’t get through it.

  6. My wonderful Mom always told me to save 20% of my earnings. Use money to make money. Today, she owns three homes which have been paid off a long time ago.

  7. My mom has always reminded me to remember, ”This, too shall pass.” I know it sounds simplistic, but as I got older, and passed through the various seasons of motherhood myself it has strengthened me. What seems so difficult at the time will pass. But, as my Mom also pointed out, then the next challenge will come!

  8. My Mother’s nickname is the “Energizer Bunny.” She has lived her life taking care of others with a dose of optimism. She is still going at age 84. She uses email, texts and has not allowed herself to age mentally. She bowls and golfs and keeps her physical self strong. Her advice to me? JUST KEEP GOING.

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