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Meet the Members: Betty Lou Dilthey

This year marks the credit union’s 80th anniversary. From our humble formation in 1936 as Brentwood Mutual Credit Union, with $150 in capital, to our celebration of reaching $150,000,000 in 2012, we’ve been committed to the financial well-being, convenience and security of our members and communities.  But it’s because of our members that we’ve been able to continue this amazing ride. Members like Betty Lou Dilthey.
When Betty Lou Dilthey was six years old her family moved to Brentwood, Missouri. They lived four houses from the high school. From six years old, Betty Lou would walk to Brentwood Mutual Credit Union every Saturday to deposit a quarter into her savings account. At that time the credit union was located in Harold Jordon’s Real Estate office, in a house, on the corner of White Avenue and Brentwood Boulevard. Harold Jordon was one of the founders of the credit union and served as Chairman of Board for many years.
In 1959, Betty Lou purchased her first home in Rock Hill, Missouri. Harold Jordon was her real estate agent and she got her mortgage from the credit union. By this time, the credit union moved across the street into a strip mall. It was still in Jordan’s Real Estate office.
Betty remembers, in 1941, there was a store called Sit and Shop where the credit union is now located on the corner of Brentwood Blvd. and Litzsinger roads. All of the groceries and goods were located behind the counter. Customers would come and sit at the counter while the clerk gathered all of the items on their list. You could take your items home in a box or they would deliver to your house with a horse and buggy.
Davenports Confectionary went into the location after Sit and Shop closed. Betty said the firemen would walk across the street and go there all of the time. It was owned by Betty’s neighbors. After Davenport’s, a Kroger grocery store moved in. The credit union moved there in 1974. This is when the credit union hired its first paid employee, Gary Hinrichs. Gary serviced as President and CEO until January 2016.
Betty Lou served Brentwood as an Alderwoman for seven years. She still visits with her neighborhood friends on a regular basis. They reminisce about a simpler time when the high school didn’t have a school lunch program and they would walk across the street to Beckman’s Confectionary or home for lunch. “Everyone knew everyone,” said Betty Lou. “Everyone was a neighbor.”

  1. So proud of my Momma, Betty Lou Rick Dilthey, and the deep roots of Brentwood! So happy to continue the Rick tradition of living & banking in Brentwood!

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