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5 Ways to Use the Marie Kondo Method with Your Money

Marie Kondo’s Netflix special has swept the nation, and people are purging their closets, papers and belongings in exchange for a more simple and clutter-free life. This got us thinking about how we could use those same methods in a way to benefit our finances. They say money can’t buy happiness but can it spark joy?
Here’s 5 ways the KonMari method can change your money habits:

Wanting less stuff

One of the biggest take-aways from Tidying Up with Marie Kondo is the idea that items give off energy and whether the things you choose to bring/keep in your life are making you happy. Sometimes an item might catch our eye in the moment, but once we buy it, the joy it sparked initially disappears.
Maybe you’ve never been particularly good at curbing spending, but being more intentional with the items you choose to bring into your home moving forward may end up saving you money. Ask yourself why you want it, and if it will serve you in the long run or end up hiding in the floor of a closet 3 months from now.

Spending money on joy

Tidying doesn’t have to stop with personal possessions. It’ll naturally make its way into every single facet of your life. Even if being frugal or sticking to a budget has never really been your strength, the concept of sparking joy with anything you’re about to spend money on can stick once you’ve become more mindful of your purchases.
But it also doesn’t mean you don’t have to say no to everything. Experiences like grabbing dinner with friends, going on that trip, or seeing your favorite artist in concert are more about self care than the actual act. It’s really about asking yourself if you really love something enough to exchange my money for it. This frame of mind can revolutionize your spending habits.

Needing less space

Having less stuff means needing less space to fill. Obviously the people on Tiny House Hunters are an extreme example, but their financial goals usually have a similar theme: to be able to afford travel or other luxuries than spending the usual 35-40% of their income on a rent/mortgage payments. Ask yourself what your future goals are. By staying put or downsizing, you’ll be able to set aside money every month to help realize the other goals that spark joy in our life: a great vacation, energy-efficient improvements to your home, an upgraded family vehicle, or even early retirement.

Having more time

This is really the ultimate goal of purging your stuff isn’t it? All those things on your counters, tables, bedroom chair (we all have one covered in clothes right now!), and floors were raising your anxiety and stealing your time. Once you stop living in excess, you have less to keep tidy. Imagine having an extra 30-40 minutes or even an hour a day that you used to spend straightening your house. You could use that time to take a peek at your budget (the one personal finance issue most people say they have the least time for), learn a new skill to make more at your job, freelance, or even enjoy your family more!

Making more money

Some people have an issue with getting rid of things that they spent money on – maybe it was expensive, maybe you think you’ll still use it someday, or maybe you’re attached even though you don’t use it anymore. The digital age we live in has made it so much easier to monetize our time and possessions. Maybe invest an extra minute to take a picture of an item you’re discarding and post it to Facebook Marketplace, a Swap Group, or Ebay. It could make the time you’re spending more lucrative and turn into a savings goal for something that sparks joy!
While tidying might be all the rage right now, and a fad for some, we hope you’re happy about the new changes that can be sparked with your money! If you have financial goals that you want to reach that were inspired by this post, schedule a meeting with Member Services to find out how to get there.

How have you gotten your money to spark joy for you? Tell us in the comments.