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7 Reasons Planning for the Holidays Right Away Will Save You Money

After Halloween, we’re in the home stretch for all things holidays. And it’s coming fast and furious. We’re right on schedule to start planning now because the elves won’t do it for us!
1. You’ll Get Cheaper Seats (if you haven’t already)
Don’t wait another second to buy your plane tickets if you’re planning on flying this holiday season. We’re reaching the season of hardest and most expensive time of year to fly. Pro tip: You can save up to 50% by flying on an actual holiday than avoiding the super popular Sunday night.
2. You’ll Have Your Credit Card Ducks in a Row
Black Friday deals may be at the end of the November, but it takes a couple of weeks for a credit card to arrive after you’ve applied. Apply for a West Community Mastercard today and continue your savings with 0% APR for 6 months* on all purchases made from Thanksgiving Thursday through Cyber Monday!
3. You Can Take Advantage of Sales
The trick to any holiday promotion is to do your research beforehand. Don’t get duped into impulse buys or overspending by knowing what you want and when the deals happen:
Black Friday: Friday, November 25
Small Business Saturday: Saturday, November 26
Cyber Monday: Monday, November 28
Free Shipping Day: Thursday, December 16
4. Your Budget Can Be Modified
If you wait to plan, then not only will things be more expensive closer to holiday dates but your budget will get slammed from all sides of last minutes this-and-thats. Use this time to prepare for the expenses ahead and adjust your budget accordingly. Utilize Skip-a-Pay to do just that: SKIP your credit union loan payment to make room for extra expenses.
5. You’ll Be Able to Make Reservations
Chances are you won’t be the only one traveling, so jump on the first come-first serve accommodations as soon as you can. Check with the hotel directly instead of 3rd party websites for the best savings. Many hotels have daily specials, it can’t hurt to just call and ask.
6. You’ll Have Time to Be Creative
Scroll through Pinterest for crafty creations, decorations and DIY gifts. By starting now and planning ahead, you might actually have time to pull it all off!
7. You’ll Be Able to Relax
By planning and doing in moderation, you won’t feel such a rush when the season really gears up. You’ll actually be able to enjoy your family and the season more if you are able to get some of the smaller things out of the way early on so you won’t be so stressed trying to get everything done at once.
Things to consider for next year are starting a Holiday Savings Account so you can automatically deduct a certain amount from your paychecks into a savings for all your extra expenses. For more ways to make money for the holidays, read 11 ways to make extra holiday cash.
* APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Rates, terms, and conditions may vary based on creditworthiness and qualifications and are subject to change. Refer to your MasterCard® agreement for complete details. Applicants under 21 years of age must show proof of independent means of repaying the card or have an approved cosigner over 21 years of age. Special offer available on qualified purchases up to $10,000, made 11/24/2016 through 11/28/2016. Certain restrictions may apply.