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Tag: Online Security

7 Rules to Protect Your Children Online

(Originally appeared in Securing the Human) The Internet is a powerful tool we want all of our children to learn how to use and leverage. However it also comes with certain risks. Having a set of agreed upon rules can help mitigate them: 1. Each child has their own, dedicated

What You Need to Know About the Anthem Data Breach

You may have heard in the news recently that a data breach at Anthem compromised over 80 million records. According to some reports, the personal information lost included names, addresses, email addresses, social security numbers and employment information. This is different from many of the recent data breaches (Schnucks, Target,

Cyber Security Month Roundup

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month, but a lot of the advice we’ve been sharing is good for all year long. We’ve rounded up some of the best articles for your reference: 1. 5 Steps to Staying Secure Online 2. 10 Tips Every Internet User Should Follow 3. Tis the

Password Security: Keeping Your Information Safe

You probably have a password for your email accounts, favorite online stores, and social media sites, not to mention countless more. At West Community, we take the security of our members’ accounts very serious, but there is only so much we can do if your password is as simple as