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5 Plinqit Goals That Will Transform You Into a Saver This Year

We can’t stop raving about Plinqit – the easy, breezy and free(zy?) way to save money. Who knew saving money could be so fun. This powerful, yet simple app lets you choose your savings goals, auto transfer from your primary account, pick how often you want to contribute, and decide on your reward. But with that kind of power, how do we know what to save for?!

We’ve seen some of the exciting things others are already saving for like a Disney family vacation, or a drone, or a new puppy. But if you need some saving inspo, we’re here to share some conventional ways to start:

Vacation Savings

Maybe you already know where you’re going this summer or you’ve cut down your list to a top 5 (as long as there’s a beach, right?), starting a vacation savings account in Plinqit will get you well on your way. The best advice we can shell out is decide when you’d like to cash out your account and how much you’ll need by then and divide by however many weeks or months you’d like to save until then. An easy equation example would be something like “we need $500 by July” so if you start saving $72 a month starting in January, you’ll have just what you need when you reach your end goal.


If you’re still feeling the holiday spending hangover from last year, then this is the perfect time to start saving for next time. If you follow the same formula from the Vacation savings and decide on how much you’d like to save by December, then you won’t feel the heavy credit card swell that comes from unforeseen holiday expenses. Just make sure to make your cash out deadline sometime before the big spend.

Property Taxes

For something that happens every year, it sure seems to sneak up on us and right after the holiday blitz…no bueno! How much did you end up paying on property taxes this year? Make that a round number, and start a savings for weekly or monthly installment that you won’t even miss. Example: Say your property taxes were $1,200. You could automate a monthly payment of $100 or weekly installments of $23 into your Plinqit account and set your completion date to be in December…and Bam! Your property taxes will NEVER sneak up on you again!


This one comes up a lot in the “what others are saving for” tab in Plinqit and honestly, it makes us squeal with pride that people have the fortitude to save for what they want. Whether it’s a new car or a home, saving for a downpayment is never NOT a good idea and WILL save you money in the long run.

Emergency Fund

This is another one we like to see others saving for….life’s little hiccups. Stashing away money in a savings account for something you don’t know is going to happen is the best way to create peace of mind. We cannot express this enough, but saving for tough times just makes those times less tough, period. Every little bit helps, too.

A couple ways to earn even more

1.When you’re setting up your goal, you can actually set up a reward that you can earn if you reach your deadline without taking your funds early. It automatically transfers with your lump sum after you achieve your goal!

2. Build Skills is a feature within Plinqit that pays you for learning about financial topics. You simply watch an educational video or read an article, take a short quiz, and money is added toward your savings goal. It’s that easy!

So no matter what your savings goals are this year, we got you! Open a free Plinqit account and start saving today!

*You may choose to select a “break the bank” penalty to discourage early withdrawal. Normal data and usage rates may apply.