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Tag: Password Protection

Don’t Be a Victim: Tax-Related Identity Theft

It’s that time of year — TAX TIME! And tax-related identity theft is on the rise. Scammers have gotten really good at stealing people’s Social Security numbers and fraudulently claiming their refund. The IRS tries to combat this crime with an aggressive strategy of prevention, detection and victim assistance, but

Heartbleed: Your Questions, Answered

The internet bug known as Heartbleed has been making the rounds in the news lately. To help you better understand the bug and how to protect your information, here’s what you need to know: What is Heartbleed? Heartbleed is a bug in the code running on the servers of millions of

Password Security: Keeping Your Information Safe

You probably have a password for your email accounts, favorite online stores, and social media sites, not to mention countless more. At West Community, we take the security of our members’ accounts very serious, but there is only so much we can do if your password is as simple as