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July Financial Checklist

It’s the month when we fill our schedules with patriotic parties, cookouts, and weekends at the lake. With so much fun going on, it’s easy for certain events—and the costs that go with them—to sneak up on you. Not on our watch! We’ve made this list to give you a heads-up on what to expect in July so you can plan a little and enjoy a lot!

1. Utilize CO-OP on your vacation

Wherever you’re heading for vacation this summer, you’ll be able to connect to your accounts! Credit unions that are connected by CO-OP are linked with other credit unions nationwide where you can use nearly 30,000 surcharge-free CO-OP ATMs and more than 5,000 CO-OP Shared Branch locations to make in-person transactions, just like at your home branch. Download the app to find one for your next getaway.

2. Check Up on Your Credit Score

Your credit score determines the interest rates for your mortgage and other loans, so keeping tabs every once in a while is good practice. If you’ve been making all your payments on time and you notice a sudden dip in your score, you could possibly be a victim of fraudulent activity. You can monitor your credit score for free within the Mobile Banking App.

3. Start Saving for Christmas

Say what?! You heard it right. Whoever coined the phrase “Christmas in July” knew what was up. What a great reminder to get a 5 month head start on the holidays. Open a Holiday Savings Account and set up direct deposit from every paycheck so you can’t spend it! You’ll even earn interest while you’re waiting for the leaves to change. >> Read Plan Now, Party Later: Getting Ready for Christmas in July

4. Conserve Energy Bills

Slash your summer utility bills and maximize your savings by turning off your appliances while not in use, dial down the thermostat or AC by a few degrees, use fluorescent lamps and light fixtures, and increase wall and attic insulation. If you haven’t already, conduct an energy assessment to find out where you can save the most. >> 8 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

5. Shop CD Rates

CDs are a saving vehicle offered with virtually no risk. Like a savings account, CDs offer a set interest rate.However, unlike a savings account, you cannot withdraw your money until the end of the set term you’ve chosen. If you have trouble keeping your hands off your savings, this may provide the extra motivation to let your money grow. Be sure to shop around and find the best interest rate for the best timeframe that serves your lifestyle. >> Read Investing 101: What is a CD and when should you open one?