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5 Smart Money Moves to Make in September

Say hello to cooler temperatures, colorful leaves, and fall sports leagues for the kids…September is here! There’s a lot to enjoy—and you’ll enjoy it even more once you’ve budgeted for the costs and opportunities this month. Here’s five things to consider to get the most out of your money this month:

1. Review Your Insurance

September is Insurance Awareness Month and this is a great reminder to review your policy or get a quote to try to save some money. Members of the Credit Union receive a discount through TruStage. See if you could be saving money and contact our rep today! (Make sure to tell them you’re with the credit union to receive your discount.)

2. Research Your Next Vehicle

The time to buy is perfect in the fall as all the dealerships are trying to get rid of inventory for the newer models. If you’re ready to upgrade, you’ll need to know how to negotiate at the dealership to get the best deal. If you’re ready to make the sale, make sure to get pre-approved.

3. Start Saving for Next Year’s Summer Vacation

You may be saying, “what?” And we’re saying, “you heard us!” You love those beach or theme-park vacations. If you start saving now, then you have several months to prepare for a first-rate getaway next summer. Open a Vacation Savings Account and set it up to automatic deposit the amount you’ll need by the time summer comes around again.

4. Open a Certificate of Deposit

Rates are so hot right now! If you have trouble keeping your hands off your savings, opening a CD may provide the extra motivation to let your money grow. Be sure to shop around to find the best interest rate for the timeframe that serves your lifestyle. CDs are a saving vehicle offered with virtually no risk. Like a savings account, CDs offer a set interest rate. However, unlike a savings account, you cannot withdraw your money whenever you want. Calculate your earnings with our Certificate of Deposit Calculator.

5. Check out the Fall Festivals

September usually brings communities together in the form of live entertainment, delicious local food vendors and parades celebrating your town. It’s a great opportunity to meet up with neighbors and take the family outside before the weather turns cold. See Brentwood Days, Kirkwood Greentree Festival, and O’Fallon Fall Fest for upcoming events in our area!