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August Financial To-Dos

Statistically, September is the time of the year when things start picking up again after the lazy days of summer. Use this month to prepare for that upswing in social, work, and school events while still enjoying the little of summer you have left!
1. Save on Back to School Essentials. Tis the season for supplies. From protractors and crayons to dorm necessities and clothes, there are plenty of back to school sales to keep your wallet happy. Shop great deals online at sites like and Ebates. And don’t forget to take advantage of the Sales Tax Holiday on August 1-3.
2. Set Up College Savings. If you’re a parent of little ones, back to school season is the perfect reminder to set up a college savings account, like a 529 plan. By accumulating savings now, it could help you avoid taking out other burdensome loans to finance your children’s education in the future.
3. Re-Evaluate Your Budget. It keeps coming back to the budget! Have summer plans and entertainment been unkind to your budget? Could cutting back in any categories and reallocating resources get you back on the wagon? Answering these questions now and reviewing your budget will help to ensure that you stay on track to meet your financial goals through the year. Using free online programs like uni$ource could make this process less painful.
4. Check off summer bucket list. Fall will be here before you know it, and life will no longer cooperate with your earnest plans. Follow our 11 ways to save on summer travel and take that last minute road trip. Or, get as crazy as your budget will allow and plan a staycation. Try these 10 things to do in St. Louis before summer is over and get outside!
5. Start a Meal Swap. Take meal prep out of your daily vocabulary and start a meal swap group. By making freezable meals for each participant to share, you’ll get a week’s worth of dinners for your family in return. Make sure to address allergies and food preferences beforehand. Pro tip: Have everyone contribute to a communal set of containers so your personal ones don’t get displaced. Make sure they are tight-sealing, transport well, and can go from freezer to oven.