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5 Money Moves to Make this May

The month of May is full of picnics, celebrations and lazy days on the back porch. But with so much fun going on, it’s easy to get overexcited and spend too much money. Keep spring fever in check by remembering to check-in with your financial goals and check off this list:

1. Organize Your Financials

Tax season is over, PHEW! Now is the time to really take a look at the space where all your files reside. Combat identity theft by shredding the documents you no longer need rather than just throwing them away. Our Shred Days are the perfect escape for getting rid of sensitive paperwork. For a complete list of items to keep or shred, click here.

2. Plant something!

The danger of frost is officially over, so you can finally plant those petunias and geraniums. And if your green thumb is extra bright, you’re probably itching to get your tomatoes, squashes, bell peppers and herbs in the ground too. Those seedlings can really add up depending on the size of your garden. Turn your urge to dig in the dirt into a therapeutic hobby that raises your home’s value. A well-maintained landscaped yard can increase your home’s value by 11% and properly planted trees can reduce air conditioning costs by 25% in the summer. >> Read Landscaping on a Budget

3. Budget for Summer Vacation

In a few short weeks, you could be relaxing on the beach or driving through the mountains. Ah, fresh air! But that takes money . . . unless you plan on hitchhiking. Don’t stress if your getaway fund is lacking. You have plenty of time to put away some cash into a Vacation Savings Account! Check how many paydays you have until your trip and commit to put some money aside each time that direct deposit hits. That way you can return home with memories, not debt.

4. Prep for the Costs of Your Child’s Future

If you have a child looking to graduate soon, then thoughts of funding their continued education may have been plaguing you at night. Navigate your way to better understanding of the financial aid package by doing some research on the credit union’s Student Choice Resource Center.

5. Update your home and increase its value

The slow pace of summer is the perfect time to undertake those home projects you’ve been putting off. Start off with something easy by giving your home’s hardware a little update and then work your way into something more substantial. Apply for a HELOC and read 6 summer projects to increase your home’s value.
Whatever fun May holds for you, we hope it’s amazing. Budget for it now so you can enjoy the heck out of it when it gets here! As always, if you have financial questions or want to find out what your options are for saving money, talk to Member Services!